This superbly cast figurine depicts a fighter of Russian special troops FSB (Federal Security Service, former KGB) operative with the timeframe on Afghanistan 1979-1989. The figure is depicted relaxing and resting its hands on the weapon. The powerful posture, augmented by the mean looking PKM machine gun, and a base supplied with the kit make this figure ideal for a single figure modern Russian vignette. This resin figurine is extremely well sculpted. The anatomy is perfect while the action poses seem very relaxed and natural. Every detail on uniforms, as well as the equipment is sculpted to the highest level. If you are looking for the modern Russian vignette, this is definitely a figure for you.



Soviet Sniper of Special Troops, Afghanistan (EM-35019)









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This model kit requires paint and assembly.

HOBBY REINA would love to introduce you the excellent resin figurines designed by Evolution Miniatures – who produces military historical figures which representing WW2 German & Soviet soldiers, and also modern military personnel. This high standard resin figurine sculpted with incredible level of details by Sergey Trviansky (Menelay) – Thanks to him by bringing in the high range of amazing figurine to the market! Let’s make your model building more interesting with this beautiful art from Evolution Miniatures. Check out more exciting 1/35 WW2 Series or 1/35 Modern Series with us. If you are interested on others exciting products, you are more than welcome to visit our store. Happy modeling!

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