The Paper Plant series features a sheet of paper printed in both sides with shades of multi color. It gives the finished product a nice varied colored surface to the leaves. The plant subject being laser cut into the paper and they are ready to use. Letís adding this fine crafted detail to setting up your diorama scene. You can mix and match the plant products for creating your own combinations for professional grade diorama.



J's Work 1/35 Palm Leaf 3, Paper Plant Series, Diorama (PPA1015)









Jís Work (



Brand New



This product is ready to use colored paper plants and no paint required.

HOBBY REINA would love to introduce you the diorama accessories by J's Work - who produces very nice range of diorama accessories. Their products are fine crafted and designed to be ease of use. Most of the diorama accessories are to be use for wide range of model building, such as WW2 and as well as modern. The most exciting part which is they are all relatively inexpensive. Check out more exciting diorama accessories with us. If you are interested on others exciting products, you are more than welcome to visit our store. Happy modeling!

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