Urban Diorama Colors (ABT310) - Colors specifically designed for painting authentic aging effects and tones on Urban Dioramas and other types of scale models. In this set entitled “Urban Diorama Colors”, Mig Productions have conveniently combined six oil tones commonly used together on industrial dioramas and vignettes. The oil colors enclosed are perfect for weathering and creating different aging effects on all types of urban dioramas. You can add different shades onto brick walls and piles of urban rubble and quickly paint and blend different shades of oxidation making realistic rusty surfaces. Fading and adding tones onto blue surfaces giving a bit of color to rusty looking urban dioramas is also possible. Plants, grass and moss almost always find places to grow in industrial settings and you can obtain this effect.


Set content:

·         Abt 180 Copper Oxide Blue

·         Abt 090 Industrial Earth

·         Abt 025 Brick Red

·         Abt 094 Grass Green

·         Abt 070 Dark Rust

·         Abt 060 Light Rust



Mig Productions Oilset Urban Diorama Colors (ABT310)



502 Abteilung Oils (Set)



Mig Productions (



Brand New



For professional weathering technique and result

HOBBY REINA brings you the essence from Mig Productions. Mig Productions’ pigments, washes and oilset are some of the world’s most used weathering materials for serious modelers. Mig Productions also produces some very interesting resin model kits from WW2 to Modern and Science Fiction genre. Check out more exciting series of Mig Productions with us. If you are interested on others exciting products, you are more than welcome to visit our store. Happy modeling!

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