Absolute Chipping. The name says it all! With just one product you will be able to achieve all kinds of chippings. From small to big. All you need is inside the jar. This is the definitive product to achieve ultra realistic chipped effects in every surface.



Mig Productions Absolute Chipping (P250)



Acrylic Solution



Mig Productions (



Brand New



Basic Guide from Mig Productions for weathering materials and technique

HOBBY REINA brings you the essence from Mig Productions. Mig Productions’ pigments, washes and oilset are some of the world’s most used weathering materials for serious modelers. Mig Productions also produces some very interesting resin model kits from WW2 to Modern and Science Fiction genre. Check out more exciting series of Mig Productions with us. If you are interested on others exciting products, you are more than welcome to visit our store. Happy modeling!

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